Formula KGP Junior … engine packages

Similar to the KGP Senior the KGP Junior will be available in 2 engines packages.In line with the MSA homologation regulations for new 2014 classes the KGP Junior engine cannot be sold to the public until all MSA homologation inspections have been completed.The projected prices will be slighty less than […] Read more »

Formula KGP Junior is announced by the MSA…..

Formula KGP Junior has been announced as a new kart class from 1st January 2014.  Andy Cox, Managing Director of KGP UK, said: “We have already demonstrated engine parity and realistic racing costs in the senior version of KGP. Now a ‘junior’ can use the same KGP engine, with some […] Read more »

Formula KGP Clubman and Masters – approved by MSA

Within the existing technical regulations of KGP there are already versions of KGP called “Clubman and Masters”. These sub divisions of KGP use the same BMB engine as the KGP “Pro” version which races in the S1 series but they use the harder compound Vega XH slick ( aka – […] Read more »