The KGP concept is simple, a BMB 2 stroke reed valve (TAG) water cooled 125cc engine with centrifugal clutch, push button start. Utilizing the same engine there are three KGP engine versions available for juniors and senior club and pro classes. Whilst these three versions of KGP differ in horsepower from junior to senior club and pro, the KGP engine quality and performance parity for each remains second to none.
Formula KGP delivers equal racing with high performance from club level to the Super One British Championships and without telephone number racing budgets!

The beauty of Formula KGP is that the engine is unsealed, the owner can carry out basic maintenance themselves and use a recommended KGP engine builder for more detailed engine rebuilds.

The engine is open to some basic tuning with only genuine BMB parts allowed and must conform to a strict KGP engine fiche at all times. Most recognised engine tuners would charge a one off tuning fee of between £200 and £300 to tune the KGP. This need only be done once in the engines life. It should be noted that races have been won with engines straight out of the box such is the quality and performance of the BMB KGP engine.

The KGP concept is simple: