Just what the clubs and the sport needs another class. Why does karting need so many classes?

Just what the clubs and the sport needs another class. Why does karting need so many classes?

A valid comment and opinion. It’s one that I understand and do respect. But on this rare occasion I would like to give you my personal reasons for establishing KGP and going forward with the pending MSA approval of KGP Junior.

I started karting in September 1986 aged 15 – far too late! It’s fair to say the karting class structure was more simplistic then and the worldwide karting industry was still in the early stages of evolving around the globe – no one had clue what the internet was and many hadn’t even heard of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs!

But like with everything in life people change, things evolve and commercial pressures become more demanding not least as a result of their client’s needs or expectations – recently it would seem that the link from karting to F1 has become a statement of “whatever it costs or takes to get there” for some parents and these days some so called commercial pedigree engines can fetch the same price tag as a small family car! This is not healthy for karting in my opinion.

Very few will make it to F1, some will make it to National car racing – but we need to offer and cater for people who WANT to stay in karting.

Since I started my ACR business in 1992 I have tried to follow and utilize the CIK classes to go karting and to develop my business.

Since the year 2000 none of the commercial categories available at club level interested me. To be honest if I was still just a kart driver I’m not even sure that I would have even continued in the sport as those classes didn’t tick the karting boxes for me.

As we all know in 2006 the CIK really got it wrong with KF classes and ever since then all I have heard in the karting paddocks is “they should have done this” or “if it was up to me I would do it like this – they haven’t got a clue”. ….. But no one did anything – lots of talk and no action – karting can be like that!

In early 2010 on a visit to the owners of Birel and BMB Mr Oscar and Ronni Sala showed me the plans for the KGP engine. Mr Oscar asked me my opinion; could there be a market and a need? As soon as I saw it I knew in my opinion that this concept could work and could deliver what I thought people we looking for.

I came back and started to develop and apply for Formula KGP – I wanted to enjoy my racing again all around the country and at s1 level. KGP has delivered fantastic racing, engine parity and realistic racing costs – you can even look after your own engine – or look inside it between meetings! – That’s what karting is about for me.

In life choice is very important – it would be very boring otherwise. The karting market is demanding but we need to take some traditional ideas that worked in the past and evolve them for today’s market – that’s what we are doing with KGP.

Having your own karting category is a big responsibility and for me a real honour. If I thought for one second that it would damage the UK karting market in any way please believe me I wouldn’t even embarked on bringing the KGP concept to the UK. I am very fortunate that my hobby from a young lad has turned into my profession – I would never do anything to jeopardize that.

I believe KGP Junior, KGP Clubman and KGP Pro delivers the kart racing that people now expect when they buy a kart engine out of the box and more importantly at a level that the majority of karting clients can afford. – Performance, Parity and Price…

Enjoy your kart racing!

Andy Cox KGP UK Ltd