The KGP Clubman is designed for drivers 16yrs +. The KGP Clubman engine is the same as the KGP Pro apart from a different carburettor – a Tillotson – this reduces the engines performance slightly.

We have recognised that the club driver needs something easy to use without hours and lots of money having to be spent on a dyno setting up your engine, Easy carburetion and above all a level playing field in engine power throughout the grid is important for club racing.

The KGP Clubman produces approx 28HP and uses a Tillotson fixed main jet carburettor which also incorporates an adjustable low jet. This combination delivers progressive power throughout the rpm range whilst at the same time ensuring engine reliability and ease of use for the driver.

Like the KGP Pro, the Clubman version also uses the senior KF exhaust system. The engine retains the Freeline CIK foam filter airbox and Freeline radiator. This combination of ancillaries delivers great on track performance.

KGP Clubman uses the Vega XH (green) slick tyre which is a slightly harder compound. This combination delivers on track performance comparable with say Rotax Max,

KGP Clubman still has a KF type look and a delivers a satisfying and yet traditional kart engine experience.

The neat KGP electronic panel with RPM control box is housed under the karts front panel with the lightweight Lipo Freeline battery (350grams) mounted in a smart battery holder on the seat with LED battery power indicator. A stylish steering wheel support with stop and go start buttons is also provided with led power indicator.

Engine services are scheduled at 5 hours for a top end service and 22 hours for a full rebuild.

Our advice– by all means drive all other Senior kart classes surrounded by hype – then drive KGP Clubman