The KGP Pro is for drivers 16yrs +. The KGP Pro engine and its specification is designed for maximum performance from the KGP engine and delivers around 30hp.

The KGP Pro races in the MSA Super One British Championship, some club races as well as at the British Kart Grand Prix at Kart Masters at PF. It has delivered some classic racing whilst retaining a level playing field in engine power throughout the grid.

There is also a World KGP final held in Italy every October – the UK has produced two World KGP Champions, Phil Smith in 2012 and Bobby Game in 2013. Any driver racing in the KGP Pro Super One is eligible to enter the KGP World Finals – an awesome event.

The KGP Pro uses a 2 jet Tryton carburettor. This delivers progressive power but very good mid range to top end performance, great overtaking and great racing.

The KGP Pro uses the senior KF exhaust system. The engine retains the Freeline CIK foam filter airbox and Freeline radiator. This combination of ancillaries delivers a KF type look.

KGP Pro also uses the Vega XM (white) slick tyre which is a medium but quite grippy compound. This combination delivers on track performance nearly 1.2 secs faster than Rotax Max and only 0.7 secs slower than KF2. Fantastic performance – at a fraction of the price.

The neat KGP electronic panel with RPM control box is housed under the karts front panel with the lightweight Lipo Freeline battery (350grams) mounted in a smart battery holder on the seat with LED battery power indicator. A stylish steering wheel support with stop and go start buttons is also provided with led power indicator.

Engine services are scheduled at 5 hours for a top end service and 22 hours for a full rebuild.

Our advice– by all means drive all other Senior kart classes surrounded by hype – then drive KGP Pro.