The KGP engine has been imported into the UK since 2011. The initial design has since been up-rated through 2011 to 2012 and BMB owners have always enjoyed the full support of BMB srl in such circumstances.

The value of a used engine depends on how it is being sold. Most are sold complete with electronics and battery.  Water pumps and radiators and air boxes do age and wear, our advice is always to purchase new air box, radiator and water pump if you are buying a used motor.

The element that really defines an engine value is the bore size. The KGP Cylinder is cast iron and so can be honed when a new piston and ring is fitted. It’s possible to fit two piston and rings of the same bore size in the engines life depending on the wear of the bore.

The Piston range starts 53.99, 54.03, 54.05, 54.07, 54.10, 54.11, 54.13, 54.15, 54.16, 54.17

Used Value guide:

Based on a used engine and carburettor, electronics, loom and battery

2011 to 2012 – these engines are stamped TUX and then the engine number

  • 53.99 to 54.11             estimated value £700
  • 54.13 to 54.17             estimated value £400 – £600
  • 2013 > these engines are stamped HUX and then the engine number
  • 53.99 to 54.11             estimated value £900 to £1100
  • 54.13 to 54.17             estimated value £700 to £900

The difference in price guide between TUX engines and HUX engines is based on age, depreciation in relation to engine retail price at the time of supply and wear and tear of other engine parts like crankcases and crankshafts.

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